Our Grow + Glow Program is designed to speed up cellular turnover so fresh new healthy skin is yours for the taking.

The program is great for aging skin and for acne prone skin.

The results of our program is clients have plumper, younger looking skin, wrinkle reduction, even skin tone and the chosen wavelength of lights helps with balancing hormones.

What you will notice:

Fine lines plumping

Pores Tightening

Less frequent acne breakouts

Less noticeable scars from acne 

More radiant complexion

Fading and disappearance of sun damage, pigmentation and melasma.

Increased collagen production 

Thicker more even skin tone

What can you Expect?

In your first session we do a skin assessment and recommend the best Grow + Glow series for your goals and your budget.

Our aim is to give our clients results with the right amount of sessions and at the right price so that it’s accessible for everyone wanting to take care of their skin and feel confident.


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