You’re Beautiful


Slim Sister was created for the woman who wants to take life into her own hands and live to her fullest potential – we believe the image and your vibration you send out into the universe tells a story about who you are.Our goal is the create beautiful stories of change and transformation

 knowledge gained and changes seen and celebrated!

Live Lighter

Living Lighter means to live with less of the things that weigh you down; less stuff, less garbage, less to do’s - should do’s + more of what brings you joy and makes you feel light!

We get so bogged down our body has a hard time discerning between real and perceived danger. The constant bombardment of external messages sends us physically, emotionally, spiritually into overdrive and that creates aging at an accelerated rate.

Our Live Lighter Philosophy is simple bring this state of bliss, coherence, health one cell at a time; to one woman at a time and grow a community of beautiful blissful soulful goddesses one day at a time.

It’s a work in project that will never be complete but it’s not about the destination - it’s the journey.

Beauty + Bliss

If we can't detect the difference between nutrients and waste. Stress creates a response of building up walls where we aren’t sure what is good or bad so nothing is getting in and nothing is getting out.

A healthy cell has a pattern of movement, a beautiful rhythm that scientifically this frequency equates healthy cells as all the other cells surrounding adopt to this simple wave. Its group consciousness one cell at a time. A healthy cell also allows nutrients and love inside and freely lets go of toxic waste - sounds kinda like what a healthy person would do too?

Light therapy creates a catalyst for the cells to go into this state of simple ease and out of the state of dis - ease it was in.

We are phototropic beings we need light - we need to absorb particles called Photons and our Slim Sister programs use the science of our souls + cells to create not only the feeling but also the LOOK of bliss + beauty.