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Our signature Slim Sister weight loss program; Shed + Release, has been expertly crafted using science and philosophy to battle the everyday issues we are experiencing living in the 21st century.

We begin by changing the internal state of the body, calming it down -  By using and utilizing the senses in which we experience the world; sound, smell, touch, sight, light. We bring about an effective catalyst of measurable change you can feel in the session and then build upon that each and every time you come.

When the body enters a fat storage mode; the cells become less effective at removing waste, and toxins as well as digesting food and absorbing nutrients. This state leads to an overweight person building up more fat reserves to protect the body from the acidic nature that this cycle causes and cravings for simple glucose that is easy for the body to quickly break down. 

How Can we change this cycle?

The answer is; deal with the stress it is causing first, by gently walking the body away from the stressed, acidic, fat storage mode it’s in to a state where it can heal, repair, build and let go of the fat reserves.

Shed + Release has been designed to help everyday women who just need assistance in trouble areas, women who need more overall weight loss as well as women in the beauty and fitness industry.

Health Canada Approved

We use Health Canada approved Lipo Laser Technology to give you the results you want in a comfortable, private, relaxing location and provide encouragement in developing the everyday habits and attitudes that will ensure you will get the most amazing transformation.

Shed + Release programs are affordable at fair pricing that every woman can afford when she chooses to make herself a priority and feel good in her body.


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